How to speed up Magento 2 Website - An effective checklist

Website performance is in direct relation with search rankings and conversion rates. With high page load time, your customers can bid you a farewell and go to rival vendors where they can enjoy the speed.

Magento 1 offers some performance related settings in its configuration menu, and the blooming Magento 2 have doubled them. Magento 2 is known worldwide for its ‘Performance and Speed Optimization’ feature (even though it is not seen anywhere).

Jokes apart, this is the famous solution: Change your hardware and change your software.
Many technicians analyzing your site end up with the above two things. To some extent, this reasons bring results. A Hardware problem means you need a relatively muscular server depending on the number of visitors you serve at a time. It will cost you an expensive migration benefiting you in the long run.
A software problem is caused when an irritating extension loads unnecessary data and in this case, your developer needs to go deep in the code.

I have observed many Magento stores not utilizing some default configuration settings due to lack of knowledge. So let us consider the above solution as last option, and perform the below settings on your development server to see your Magento 2 site loading at a better speed…
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